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Nov 25, 2012


The most difficult thing -for me -about a break up is the thoughts I'm left with immediately after. Running my mind through the things I really enjoyed about her, about our experiences together, about her character. Wondering about potential. Wondering about the path not taken.

Over time, that fades... life moves along, and I let myself get swept up.

After a little while, I find that some days I'm torn between enjoying and relishing my bachelor's freedom (again) versus the meaning and joy of engaging in the depth and connection of a relationship. Other days, it's one or the other. While I think I'll have days of each throughout my life, today is one of those conflicted days.

In fact, it's been a conflicted couple of weeks. After the initial "I've had enough" feeling following a break-up, I've noticed a pattern of feeling conflicted as I move on. That kind of ambivalence can make it tough to be motivated to get back into dating...

Sometimes, it just takes the nudge of meeting someone striking to get motivated again.

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