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Dec 25, 2011

When I'm Hurting

When I am in pain,
When my heart is hurting
When I clutch at my chest
And give way to silent, invisible tears.

I see your eyes.
But I do not want concern.
I do not like to see you worry,
Or wonder if I'll make it through.

I will.

What I want to see,
What I wish to feel,
And know...

Is that you understand.
That you see I am in pain,
That it means something to you.

I will be fine.

If you worry,
If you express concern,
It makes me wonder
How strong you think I really am.

If you believe it will
Cut so deeply,
That I will never recover,
That I will hurt forever....

I will heal.

What I don't want
Is your haughty pity
Or attempts to change my feelings.

Don't try to fix it
To fix me or my feelings.
Trust in my strength, show me respect.

And I will show you resilience.

It will change soon.
My heart will beat on,
My mind will clear,
My soul will endure.

I am strong.

All I need
When I show you
My pain

Is to see
Just how much
You care.

Simply be with me.