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Jul 12, 2012


There's a brilliant talk by Brene Brown about vulnerability. If you're interested, I've embedded it here from YouTube, and it's also on TED Talks.

We have this tendency in our society to see vulnerability as weakness, to see someone willing to risk hurt, to show hurt, to be hurt as not being strong enough. Maybe we need more vulnerability in our lives; there's something more genuine about it.

So let's hear from y'all - what is vulnerability to you? what makes you feel vulnerable? when do you feel vulnerable?


  1. Perhaps I should put my foot first...

    Being judged. Saying "I love you" first. Going on a date with a woman I find intoxicatingly attractive.

  2. Willing to try new things and explore new places, no matter how beautiful or frightening. The ability to see others strengths without envy and pay an honest compliment and accept respectful criticism. Taking a chance on a date. Sharing your most heartfelt wishes and worst jokes. Courage of the heart.

  3. Being forced out of my comfort zone. The first 20 minutes of a date. Wanting to change the world and realizing that I cannot.