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May 1, 2011

Some Days

Sometimes, I'm tremendously productive, churning and chugging and plugging away at all the work I've got to do, and working towards my life mission with burning passion and direction. Other times, I'm so unfocused and distracted I can't seem to do anything for longer than a few minutes, even sleep.

Odd, how the two can happen within the same night/day.


  1. I hear ya brotha! I think the key is just knowing what you are capable of. If you find yourself losing focus, maybe it's time for a break (or a productive break if you're a workaholic, which would include mindless work such as laundry or dishes, or cleaning your room, etc). Good luck! And if you ever figure out any better tricks as to how to get "back in the groove", I'd be very interested to know what you come up with. :)

  2. Thanks FeistyFrummy!

    In my experience the best tool I have is knowing myself, particularly what I might need in the moment.

    Sometimes that's some serious sleep or to get back to eating healthy, other times I just need to be listened to, or a hot cup of herbal tea and some personal time to laze around and let go of all my stress for a while.

    Invariably, I get back to living my life, following the passions and my life mission. Just knowing and trusting in that (and myself) has a huge impact too.