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May 26, 2011

Did You Know that Maralyn Monroe was a size 14???


Goes to show, dress size isn't everything. Far from it.

On this I have personal experience and I'd be glad to share it, if there's an interest.


  1. Dress sizes aren't a constant. They change over time, as women in general got bigger.

    Ms. Monroe's 14 is actually a current 8.

  2. Great video. Hilarious & interesting.

    Share, share!

  3. My first thought when i read the title was in line with Princess Lea..a size 14 then is waaay smaller than a size 14 now..

  4. @ Princess Lea & aminspiration: Whatever time, 14 was never a twig-thin size. Even size 8 is often looked down at now (especially by many men, who expect nothing more than a size 4 for the woman AND her mother! Ugh.)

    @ Sefardi Gal: Here's the shorter version.

    I dated a woman who was overweight. I'm not talking a few pounds or twenty pounds or thirty. I mean, she was more than half a foot shorter than me and easily heavier, like 1.5x my weight.

    But OH. MY. GOODNESS. I've never, EVER, had such a hard time keeping my hands off a woman before. Generally, Shomer Negiyah isn't something that is tremendously difficult for me (though that isn't due to a lack of desire, B"H I was raised to have a lot of self-control), but it was nearly impossible to hold myself back. More than once, I'd come back from a date and just crumple to the floor, afraid to move, lest I lose myself, rip the door open, chase after her, throw her over my shoulder and run off into the night with her.

    See, she knew how to compose herself, how to move, how to walk (apparently at least six different ways in heels, depending on the type of skirt/fabric/clothing worn and the height of the heels). She knew how to look at me and she was very sensual -she really took in everything around her, and even though she held back in expressing it I could tell. She naturally and quickly learned what I responded to, and unconsciously adjusted to my preferences.

    It was like music, being in tune, sympathetic vibrations... it definitely struck a chord for me... or rather, all of them (either that or some serious hypnosis). It was sweet, sweet torture.

    The most interesting thing is that she wasn't super-confident. She didn't feel entitled or arrogant. In fact, she had a great many insecurities. But she knew -oh, did she know! -what a man finds attractive.

  5. Ish Yehudi - your writing is so poetic. I know a lot of overweight girls who are very attractive. I think most men will admit that attraction doesn't mainly have to do with weight -- there're a lot of other factors. The voice, face/eyes/smile/hair, attitude, personality, clothing, and the way she carries herself.
    I've had a similar situation with a guy. He was completely not my usual "type", but to me, he was the most attractive man -- but that was mainly due to his passion for Judaism & his middot and intellect :)