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Jun 6, 2011

Thought of the Day (#2)

Every so often, I work out a little phrase or thought. Often it seems like I've heard it before, but I'll admit I don't read libraries of literature and I'm not well versed in the world's quotes. In any case, here's one from the other day: 

"While women appreciate a sensitive man, they are often attracted to men who take leadership. A man who can master both is rarer than a unicorn."

As always, comments or feedback are welcome


  1. Lol true dat! If my life were a movie, I'd go for the dark, tall and handsome bad boy who rides a motorcycle but still has a sensitive side and would open up to me about anything.

    In real life, I'm attracted to nerds. They make the best husbands you know? ;)

  2. Nerd power! I hear you, FF!

    I find I like guys who stand for something; not necessarily being a leader, but who has his own opinions different than the pack and will stand by them.

  3. @ FeistyFrummy:

    If you find them attractive, both you and they are tremendously lucky. :)

    @Princess Lea:

    For my response, check the next "Thought of the Day" post.