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Nov 24, 2011

The Pandimonious Clashopoly

 I don't usually comment on politics, but I was having some fun with wordplay, and this poetic rendition of the "Occupy" movement evolved, so I'm publishing it here. Fair warning though, I do a fair bit of word-butchering in line with the Shakespearean tradition. Most of it should be fairly simple to decipher.

Peter Popoly loves playing panopoly
While he hates shopping in an oligopoly,
which he calls 'antishopoly.'

The populace
told him to stopulous
with his ridiculous rantopoly,
but his rambunctious personality
demanded the utmost pomposity
in delivering his garrulous atrocity.

Having his own monopoly
consisting of a meticulous aristocracy,
leaves his monoculous neurocity
buried under promises of generosity.

The people's occupocity
of his marketplace with ferocity
leaves no delusions of reciprocity
for the ridiculous grandiosity
of his lavish scrupulosity.

The nebulous curiosity
of the people's demanding tumultuosity
Leaves only incredulosity
in the face of succulous gossipocity
as to the fabulous monstrosity
of his miraculous luxuriosity.

Their misplaced averocity
with a greedy impetuosity
For his earned ostentatiosity  
cannot replace the agnosticy
for displaced dreams of prosperosity.

But the pain of their paucity
has voice in their collective demonstrocity
for the disdain of Peter's "noble" despoticy
and their right for judiciosity.

No single explanation
can give true voice to the nation
or the impenetrably buried intricacy
of both Peter and the people's pendulosity
leading to their frustrated confrontation
which I call The Pandimonious Clashopoly.

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