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Nov 28, 2011

Two Minutes in a Booth

Speed dating Oopsies, I mean... "Speed meeting" is the new hot event in the singles dating scene right now. Last time I went to an event, there was speed dating meeting involved. Often enough, depending on the community, there's supposed to be some mingling-time afterwards too.

Top 3 set-ups for "speed meeting":

1) 3x3 (3 men and 3 women), ~6+ minutes before rotating
2) 2x2 (2 men and 2 women), ~3 minutes before rotating
3) 1x1 (1 man and 1 woman), ~2 minutes before rotating

Top 15 reasons why speed meeting -because heaven forbid we call it "dating" -is the new in thing:

15) Meet 50+ people in under two hours.
14) When all's said and done, you can talk to your friends/Shadchan about the "pickings," then have someone intervene on your behalf.
13) Next time someone tries to push a suggestion you can say you already met them and aren't interested, perhaps even if they weren't there. 
12) We decide within like 20 seconds of meeting someone if we're interested in them anyways, right? Right?
11) Why waste an entire two hours on an actual date when you can have the two minute version and skip all the awkward silences?
10) If one out of every 10 men/women is half-decent, you're statistically likely to meet a few.
9) Of those few, one might even be viable.
8) Because an eternity that lasts a few minutes is much better than an eternity that lasts a few hours. Most of the time.
7) You don't have to spend two years dating everyone in the room to realize it won't go anywhere with most of them.
6) Because that person who would otherwise be hounding you all night is forced to move on -saved by the bell!
5) Scissors (interacting) beats paper (resume) any day.
4) Because Facebook stalking is sooooooo overrated.
3) Because it's so much less hassle to dress-to-impress once than 50+ times.
2) Talk about cost effective, it's 50+ for the price of one.. and the one I'm paying for is me!!
1) Most people lie on their profiles, most Shadchanim exaggerate and friends often have their own agendas... this way I get my own impressions first.

Any others you can think of?


  1. i will preface this with the fact that i havent been to a speed dating event in years. that said, i actually liked them. so often i go to events and no one ever mingles. at least speed dating forces people to talk a little.

  2. sounds way too complicated and Facebook stalking is not overrated!