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Jan 17, 2012

Dating Stats Update

I've been keeping track of my dating experiences, particularly since I started online dating (see here for the first update). Here are the bare numbers... 

Time Elapsed: 9 Months
     Number of Breaks: 3 (inlcuding Chagim time)
     Time Spent "On Break": ~2 Weeks per Break

Total Opportunity: 75
     Number of Suggestions from Online Dating: 62
          (Number of those I was interested in: 23)
               (Number of which I declined because of long distance: 7)
     Number of Suggestions NOT from Online: 7
     Number of Women I Met/Pursued Myself: 6
Total Pursued: 29

Total Number of Dates: 18
     Number of First Dates: 11
          (Number of those through online dating: 7)
     Number of Second Dates: 6
          (Number of those through online dating: 4)
     Number of Third Dates: 1
          (Number of those through online dating: 1)
     Number of Fourth (+) Dates: 0

Who "Made the Choice"?
Number of Times I declined another date: 0
Number of Times the Woman declined: 11 

Total Cost: ~$500 (including travel, restaurants, etc.) 
Average Cost Per date:  ~$29.50

60% Women Dated are Sefardi (20% Ashkenazi, 20% Mixed)
About 80% of suggested women are Sefardi and/or Mixed (the other 20% being Ashkenazi)


Qualitatively speaking, I'm appreciating the suggestions I get (the percentage of interest is slightly over a third, including the long distance suggestions); many of them fit very well with what I'm generally looking for. Perhaps that's a flexibility thing, who knows.

While I'd like to have a higher interest-to-date ratio, of the ones I'm interested in I have a decent rate of actually going out on a date. However, most of them thus far haven't really gotten anywhere; none of them have netted more than a third date.

Also, dating can quickly become expensive! While my number is more inflated as a result of a few costly early experiences (like this one), it's not difficult to spend around $30 (or more) for a date, especially since there are only a finite number of times you can conceivably grab a cup of coffee.

Just as a last note, while there's a big list of numbers, I really enjoyed and appreciated each person for who they are and the experiences I had with every single one. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to get to know them better.


  1. You seem to be having success from online dating at least in getting dates. what would you say your experience is so far with dating online / what would you tell all the guys that are still sceptical (Maybe this should be its own post) ??

  2. In a word -put actual time and effort into your profile!

    I spent more than ten hours crafting mine, from finding pictures that capture my essence (both formal and funny, intense and and laid-back) to being very honest and careful with my answers to questions and finally writing a killer "about me" blurb (which I spent the most time out of everything).

    Then I sent it to a few close female friends and got their honest feedback. After that I edited, and kept sculpting it until (a) it articulately expressed who I am and (b) did so in a way that is highly appealing to women.

    That second part was the key focus of my entire profile, even though I made sure it was coherent with my personality. It's a dating profile, build it to attract women!

    I could do some posting about the process and how I got there, if there's interest...

  3. You got off easy! I'm from Europe and every time I go on a date the guy ends up paying 100€ !! I feel bad but there's nothing I can do about it for the first few dates...

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