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Jan 6, 2012

Drum Roll for the Poll

After asking random questions and collecting the answers (which are all posted at the bottom of the blog’s homepage) I present to you... ((drum roll))... the first set of informal poll results:

#1: Date Planning

When a Man plans a date, 46% said they appreciate is and 54% said they are impressed. Even If the planned date is uninteresting, 97% of you said that don’t mind, and of those 25% showed interest in seeing the guy “in his element.”

Lesson Learned: GUYS, PLAN THE DATE! It’s impressive or appreciated, even if it’s not what she wanted to do. Women like it when men plan a date.

#2: Dating Time-Frames

One third of respondents think one date is enough to decide someone isn’t for you; the remaining two thirds would give it one more chance. Nobody said they would give a person three or four dates before making the decision. For the first three dates, 55% of you admitted to being reserved and holding back, 45% would talk about yourselves early on.

In terms of actually getting to know someone, 70% of people think it would take anywhere between 2-6 months to really get to know each other in dating, with two-thirds of those saying it takes 2-3 months.

Lesson Learned: PEOPLE MAKE SNAP JUDGMENTS. The first few dates (and beforehand) are “decision time.” After that, people relax a bit more and actually start getting to know each other.

#3: Dating Modern Man

One third of the poll answerers describe men as pushy, stubborn, self-centered and/or a jerk in dating. One third would describe men as confident, taking leadership and/or competitive.  A little more than half of you see men as respectful, and a little less than half experience nice-guy qualities.

Lesson Learned: PEOPLE ARE NOT DICHOTOMOUS. The vast majority of men aren’t jerks, but most aren’t “nice guys” either. There’s plenty of middle ground, and a veritable cornucopia of variety. 

(Though, in all fairness, it could be that we are all just subjective. Two women may look at the same man and have very different experiences of him. Either way, there's a lot of variety out there.)

#4: How to Respond to Women

When a woman asks her husband “do I look good in this outfit?” the vast majority (72%) gave answers indicating that she wants to feel attractive and loved, though they varied on how a man should show it. The other 28% took the question literally, and would answer suggest men accordingly with honesty or admitting to being biased.

Lesson Learned: CALIBRATE AND INTERPOLATE. There’s no single right way to respond when a woman asks her husband “do I look good in this outfit?” But remember, it is very likely the question may be her way of communicating that she just wants to feel loved, beautiful and desired right now.

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  1. My friend, I really appreciate your kavanah towards coming to the chuppah (please G-d, soon). Hatzlacha and similarly related to our reNEWed tikvah for 2012...