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Sep 16, 2011

5 Things Men Must Know About Women

Tania's hat tip to me regarding 5 Things Women Must Know About Men got me thinking about what y'all think Men need to know about Women... so chivivai... let's hear!


  1. Hahaha...
    We sometimes think we want to disappear when all we really want is to be found

  2. I think this pretty much sums it up. Many a true word is spoken in jest, right?
    (From the movie PS I Love you)

    Harry Connick: Say, I'm feeling kind of hungry. You feel like getting a bite or something to drink?
    Hilary Swank: No, I'm... I don't think so.
    HC: It's all right.
    HS: Thanks.
    HC: I don't mean to throw this at you, but what do women want? I can't figure it out. They want us to ask. They don't want us to ask. They want us to make a move, not make a move. They want us to be on bottom, be on top.
    Use hair products, don't use hair products.
    What do you people want?

    HS: I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to say I told you.

    HC: I swear.
    HS: Because it's a sacred secret.
    HC: Sacred secret.
    HS: You ready? You sure?
    HC: Yeah. I think so.
    HS: Come here.
    We have absolutely... idea what we want.
    HC: I knew it!

    agree or disagree?

  3. Want, really want...
    Know, don't know...

    On so many, many other topics and posts there are so many opinions and thoughts. I find the general silence here fascinating.

    I'm going to wait this one out a bit longer. Though, if I don't hear much, it'll definitely give me more to think about.

    Even silence can communicate a world. If only it were possible to tune in and understand...

  4. The list of "things to know" will vary from one to another, I prefer to work on the "principle" which includes all types of persons and relationships (I am not sur I am very clear). That rule will be "take this person as he/she is, focus on her and be ready to take care of her/his needs if you can". The rest is detail, and if I remember well Dr Gottman writes that in happy couples the usual women/men differences are not so noticeable (unlike in sad couples where men and women become like caricature of their gender).

  5. hmm its a tough question to answer broadly. Im sure my five top things i want in a guy will differ with others girls because of my personality, my values, culture and beliefs.
    But to give a broad answer to this open ended question, I will say that I want of a man to yes ask, to yes make a move and all but to also back off when we don't know what we want, meaning if we contradict ourselves, to just bear with us if that makes any sense. difference in gender are such that often inadequate communication leads to many misunderstanding. So it would help if guys wouldn't jump at it. But that's a minor detail i chose to list in answer to SamIAm's answer
    Be more specific?

  6. I think at the end of the day women just want to feel cherished and respected. If you can do that, you've pretty much got us . . .

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  8. Hahaha. I've got to hand it to you, you're super brave for putting your thoughts down in writing. . . :)
    Reading everything has become super addicting. . .