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Sep 27, 2011

How I'd Like to Take Thee Apple Picking...

Dear Dater of the Female Persuasion,

I'm a huge fan of apple picking. Apparently, so are y'all (find out how I know at the bottom of my blog). What a perfect time! I want to go. Scratch that, I am going. I would be thrilled to have such a fun time climbing trees, finding the juciest of apples, biting into their crunchy, juicy flesh and reslishing the simple delights of nature's candy with you as my sidekick. Whether it's a game of hide-and-seek in the orchards, a contest for who can find the juciest, sweetest, crunchiest apple or just taking a simple stroll through the sun-lit trees, I'm just so excited for apple picking with a partner in crime.

Unfortunately, it seems I'll have to go it alone, or bring a choice friend or two. Maybe it's me, maybe it's you, maybe it's neither -or perhaps both -of us. I sometimes wonder how you figure you know me well enough to decide that it'll never happen, since we've barely spent a few hours together. But as long as you don't give me a chance for a third date, I may have to hold off on bringing you along.

Dumped After The Second Date, Again.

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