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Sep 8, 2011

Busy Season

As I noted when the summer began, this school year is going to be particularly busy. Between fieldwork, classes, research my part-time job and various other responsibilities, much of my time will be taken up.

While I'd thought summer would be a great time to start dating, it was much slower and each step -be that getting a suggestion, giving appropriate thought/time, answering, waiting to hear back, calling, scheduling and finally going out -took more time than I'd envisioned it would. Not to mention having to go back and revisit the cycle (be that finding time for and scheduling another date or having to return to square one). I guess that's why they call dating a process, huh.

What a pain.

Anyways, as I enter perhaps the busiest semester of my life (thus far... they always seem to get more crammed with responsibilities), I really wonder how I will keep up with my dating life. I will probably struggle to simply get enough sleep and eat right, though I hope that dating doesn't go out the window. Thus, I expect it to slow down considerably, as I won't have time to consider each match at my leisure.  It may take me longer to respond, I may rush my decision or make more snap judgments because I'm busy, badgered or don't have the time I'd like... Or maybe I'll just keep telling people I'm busy and push it off.

We'll see, I'll have to feel it out. 

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  1. We are all busy, its just another thing in life we deal with :) and when it feels good, it might become your favorite activity ...